Topsoil and Leafgro



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Leafgro® is a superior quality compost used extensively by the landscape industry and homeowners as a source of humus for soil improvement. Leafgro® is an outstanding example of recycling at its best. By composting leaves and grass clippings that would have normally been disposed of in a landfill, the Maryland Environmental Service converts organic wastes into a valuable resource.

The composting process begins in the fall of the year when leaves are collected and transferred to yard waste composting facilities where they are placed in windrows. In order to accelerate the decomposition process, the rows are turned and shredded on a regular basis. Beginning in the spring, grass clippings are added and the turning and shredding continues. After the composting process is complete, it is dried, screened, and sold under the registered trade name, Leafgro®.

Leafgro Compost

Leafgro Compost

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