Equine/Livestock Feeds

Equine/Livestock Feeds


  • 50 lb Orchard Grass
  • 50 lb Brome/Ochard Mix

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  • New Purina Equine
  • New Lucerne Farms Forage
  • New Farmers Cooperative Feeds
    Nutrena® Horse Feeds


EZ Equine Pelletized Pine Animal Bedding: The Next Generation in Animal Bedding

EZ Equine pelletized animal bedding is a remarkable bedding made from 100% biodegradable pine. It does not contain additives, binders, or chemicals whatsoever and is pure, biodegradable softwood. Using EZ Equine pine animal bedding is like introducing thousands of tiny, absorbent sponges into your stalls. Each pellet can absorb almost four times its weight in liquid.

We also carry pine shavings and saw dust by the bag.


  • West Nile
  • Penicillin
  • 4 Way Equine Shots

Accessories and Apparel

We have a small selection of riding merchandise but hope to expand it in the near future!

Equine/Livestock Feeds

Poultry Feed

Nutrena® Poultry Feeds: Complete, Quality Poultry Nutrition

We've been helping people raise healthy poultry with our wholesome, nutritious feeds for more than 85 years. Nutrena® is unique in its disciplined, scientific approach to animal nutrition. At our Innovation Campus, more than 75 members of our expert team of researchers and scientists hold PhDs from all over the world. This team is focused on one thing: using sound science to create superior nutritional solutions.

Nutrena poultry feeds will continue to feature the best thinking available from the resources at the Innovation Campus. They will bring you extraordinary nutrition for your poultry.

Agway® Poultry Feeds

Through advanced nutrition, Agway® Poultry Feeds promote optimal egg freshness and support overall flock health. Whether you're raising chickens, turkeys, or game birds, you can rest assured that you are feeding a top quality product.

We also carry organic poultry feed.

Goat and Sheep

We carry Nutrena Livestock and Stable Feed.

Livestock Feed provides a convenient, value-priced feed option that works across a range of species. Available in textured and pelleted forms, with a variety of protein levels, they provide consistent quality nutrition for your entire farm.

Medicated and organic goat feed are now available!

Show Feeds: Special Order

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All Stock Feeds Available in Store Now!

  • CFC 16% Pellet (can be fed to horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle)
  • CFC 16% TXT (can be fed to horses, pig, sheep, goats, and cattle)
  • CFC 12% TXT (do not feed to sheep and equine)

We also carry rabbit, lama, alpaca, gerbil, hamster, ferret, and game bird feed.

Grains and Additional Products

We carry whole oats, whole oats triple cleaned, crimped oats, beet pulp, beet pulp with molasses, dried molasses, whole corn, cracked corn, ground corn, mini-flakes bedding, med-flakes bedding, red cedar bedding, pelletized pine bedding, straw bales, timothy hay, and 50 lb bales of orchard grass and brome/orchard mix.

Penicillin and CDT Vaccines Available!

Chicken Coops

Equine/Livestock Feeds Equine/Livestock Feeds

Rabbit Hutches

Equine/Livestock Feeds